by Tom van Huijstee & Monique & Corina

Location: Villa North Ibiza


Corina, Monique and Tom invite you to deepen the connection with food, movement, breath and yourself! This week we clean ourselves on a physical and mental level, we become more aware of our emotional and mental impact on our body and mind. What is standing in my way to live more freely, to connect? How do I breathe, how do I feel about food in relation with my emotions, thoughts and triggers? The three of us offer you a wonderful week in which we investigate these things in a loving way by breathing, feeling and releasing, supported by superfoods and the natural beauty of Ibiza.


7:30: Good Morning with water and lemon, it is brought to your room. We wake you as soon as the sun comes up.


8:00: Breakfast in bed. We start the day with this shake, every day a different flavor.

9:00 Morning Workout: This workout is different each day, some examples: Happy Mind Gym: empty your mind, dance and enjoy. Pilates: Improve your posture through controlled breathing exercises and Aquafit: move in the lovely pool, use the resistance of the water for muscle toning Stretching / Yoga: to make good again your muscles loose and relaxed start to your day.


10:30 a delicious fresh juice packed with vitamins and minerals. complemented by high quality supplements


11.00: daily activities such as options for beauty treatments, massages, trips or breathing sessions


13.00: Lunch Juice: The juices are pressed with the slowjuicer. Siesta, rest or a great option for a treatment


16.00: Shake supplemented with supplements, this allows for the absorption and removal of toxins.


17:00 Group breathing session with Tom


19:00: Detox soup, another great taste sensation, let us surprise you.


20:00 Evening program is different every day and is adapted to the energy of the day as all activities. Options evening: Hiking, create mood board, meditation / yoga, Vision Quest


21.30: Sharing with Tom and bedtime


Flights are not included. We like to receive your flight details in the registration form:

Transfer airport-airport location will provided by us and is included. Check in 2 September from 15.00. Check out September 8th at 10:00.


Beautiful Villa in the north of Ibiza, a peaceful oasis with beautiful rooms with a private bathroom and toilet. There is a lovely swimming pool with gorgeous tranquil views and comfortable beds.


5 days before arrival you'll start with a pre-detox program that we send to your home so that your body is ready for the program. Following your application you will have an interview by telephone.


All-inclusive trip: -stay, nursing, trips, activities and supervision of Tom, Corina and Monique

Not included: flight, massage and beauty treatments

Room 1: Orange Room

Fixed 2 bed private bathroom and toilet

1 person: 1489, 2 people 1244.50 pp


Room 2 the same room as number 1


Room 3 This room has two single beds, easy to share. Same prices as a room 1 and 2


Room 4 Beige room

Private balcony, private bathroom and toilet and single beds.

1 person 158, 2 people 2589 pp, 3 people 1100 pp


Room 5 This is the master room: Fixed 2 bed and a bed can be added. Private roof terrace, jacuzzi, and bathroom and toilet

1 person: 1750, 2 people: 1650 pp, 3 people 1200 pp

For more information contact or 0031647185999 (Monique)

For reservations:

Detox & Reload

2 Sep - 8 sept 2017