Location: Can TierrAguila is a 350 year old finca in a remote nature reservation in Ibiza. The place is 'tranquilo' and has a beautiful rustic feel. The garden is lush and has a tropical feel with lots of chill places to relax or have a siësta. Around the farm you can hike and relax in the forest. The finca is a10 min drive and 50 min walk to the nearest beach. A beach with beautiful blue green water and beach places with delicious drinks and food.

There is no phone connection and WiFi in a range of 700 meters. Enjoy the silence!

Prices below are the average prices per retreat (6 days). Prices are including accommodation, food and the activities of the retreat. 

Casita big space.

€800,- per person (4 persons)

Casita and finca (attics).

Simple but nice space.

€750,- 1 person per attic


Small casita

with private bathroom.

€1250,- 1 person

€950,- shared (2 persons)

Room with Jules en Rebecca (neighbours).

€1000,- 1 person 

€850,- shared (2 persons)

Finca room.

€1250,- 1 person

€900,- shared (2 persons)

€875,- shared (3 persons)

Extra nights

Would you like more flexibility booking your flights, do you prefer to arrive (a) day(s) early so you can ground before the start of the retreat or do you like to extend your stay because you like to have some time to integrate after the retreat before heading home? It is possible to book extra nights. Send an email to healinghouseibiza@gmail.com to make you reservation.

Extra nights - €35 pp.