Liberating Union
01 - 05 October 
"One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavour that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe."
~ Abraham-Hicks
Welcome to the beautiful island Ibiza!

This retreat is for men & women. Together we heal the wound of separation and come into a deeper union with ourselves, life and each other.

Breathing open to life, awakening the potential of our human existence in a safe haven far away from the busy demanding world.
This retreat is for both couples and singles to come together and liberate ourselves, balance our polarities of male-female energies and rest deeper into each other’s presence.

Together we create a strong field of love, creativity and connection. We become a portal to rise and deepen our global vibration. This energy is the fuel to rebalance and to express our authentic self in a way that allows us to live a life in alignment with our wildest dreams.

Tom van Huijstee is a 12 year breath healer with a 6 year training in healing tao. (transformation of Sexual energy)

Tom feels That using the breath and healing emotions from imprints of trauma.
Together with conscious intimacy,Liberates and brings people in deeper physical and emotional connection with themselves their hart and therefore with the other and life in general.

This gives a liberation to more unconditional love and commitment.
A freedom to deeper intimacy joy and Sexual expression without Loosing the honouring of healthy boundaries.

Together we truthful investigate the stories and feelings which blocks us from deeper intimacy and if the boundaries who are there are still necessary.

Tom believes it's time That relationships become a portal of creative loving energy where men and woman as couples or singles find back and deepen out the magic of Being with yourself or together.

Tom is Looking forward to embark on this journey with you.
Alexandra LexEmpress.
Wil be singing her Soulsongs to elevate people's Spirit, at the liberating union retreat.
Watch out for more strong collaboration to empower this beautiful retreat to restore and support the Natural power and energy of couples, man and woman.
THE SONG Interactive connective experience ​ When working with corporate or public group audiences, singer Lex Empress effortlessly crafts melodies and words into entire songs in the moment. These interactive transformational improvisations are a co-creation with direct input from the audience, painting the moment, summing up the essence, or revealing what still needs to be said. This can take a variety of forms. Lex also does wrap-up songs. Here, she distills the essence from keynote speeches, discussion panels or day program and drives home the essence in a song that sounds so accessible it could play on the radio. Lex does this with striking insightfulness and with a lot of humor. She is accompanied by virtuoso pianist Gilian Baracs, who also improvises everything he plays. ​
THE SONG 1on1 ​ Beyond interactive group songs, Lex uses her visionary talent to sing individual flow songs, composing the guest's current emotional, physical and mental life situation. At the core of Lex’ philosophy lies the striking idea that each moment of a human life provides an opportunity for deep transformation, a chance to connect with one’s inner flow. ​ ​
THE SONG Talks​ ​ Lex is an inspirational speaker who did various TED talks, explaining and performing her unique musical improvisations and links that to the greater purpose for all to flow in life. She also works with corporations and conferences, who book her for inspirational talks and performances, which support business transformation.
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