The keys to Self-Love

April 12 - 18

Location: TierrAquilla

by Tom van Huijstee and Niels Mooij

Niels and Tom are back with the succesful deepening retreat Self-Love!

We invite you in the Ibiza spring to surrender to body and mind, so the elements of nature dissolve into each other to a deeper love and peace with yourself and all that is.


Silence, transformative breathing in nature, vision quest night, fire ceremony, movement/dance, sweat lodge ceremony, ocean, now coaching, ice baths and love for what is. These are some tools that we use to connect with the divine power in yourself, Ibiza and the world.

This retreat is in silence.


A retreat to cleanse your body and mind and make a deep connection with the love in yourself. It will be an intense week where we create the space for you to fully feed yourself with self-love. You will encounter your patterns and make contact with what lays underneath, to embrace and accept your birth right and connect with your essence. So you will see from love.


We are looking forward to it and we welcome you in love and will feed you with everything we have in us!


If you are interested in the exact daily schedule you can follow us on Facebook "Levensadem".


All prices include: transportation from/to the airport, excursions, breakfast/lunch/dinner, coaching sessions and all other activities including in the program.


Flight ticket is not included. The retreat will start on April 12th at 12:00 and will end on April 18th at 12:00. It is possible to arrive early or extend your stay. Prices are €30 per night.

Our preference goes towards sharing rooms, to encourage the community and group feeling and to fasten inner processes.


Shared bathroom

Little room - 2 people €850pp

Big room 1 - 2 people €850pp, 3 people €750pp 

Big room 2 - 2 people €850pp, 3 people €750pp 

Attic - 1 person €700, 2 people €650pp

Little Casita:                                                                                          

Private bathroom

Private outdoor space

2 people: €875 pp (BOOKED)

1 person: €1.250

Big Casita                                                                             

(also the indoor yoga/community space)

Has a sleeping area that can hold 4 people.

Private bathroom

€750 pp (2 PLACES LEFT)                             

Extra nights

Would you like more flexibility booking your flights, do you prefer to arrive (a) day(s) early so you can ground before the start of the retreat or do you like to extend your stay because you like to have some time to integrate after the retreat before heading home? It is possible to book extra nights. Send an email to to make you reservation.

Extra nights - €30 pp.

For more information contact us