Healing House Ibiza is a group of people, who organise healing and welness retreats on natural spots in ibiza. People who hold and support the natural living life of the island. Community healing, eco-nature, welness and truth is where we're based on. All gatherings and retreats will be held in simple but cosy finca's and old hippie houses, to create an intention of community and natural living which benefits the planet and humankind-ness as a whole.

By dissolving the boundaries to eachother and nature we come in a state of higher conciousness wich creates inspiration to serve the transformation of ourselves and the planet. Yoga, breath, dancing, personal coaching, healings, bodywork, enjoying life, yourself and nature, are a few of the key words we use and play with to elevate your and global conciousness. 5 % of our earnings goes to the Ibiza preservation fund to project the natural beauty of the island.

Wouter Smit

Wouter Smit completed his Yoga teacher training in 2008 at SvahaYoga in Amsterdam and has been teaching classes and workshops ever since. Three years ago he moved to Ibiza where he dedicates his time to teaching yoga and sustainable living.