​Yoga, mindfulness and philosophy  

Sabine Wassenberg, Fraukje (Jasmine) Nooij


Location: Samskara Ibiza

Language: Dutch or English


During this retreat you'll practice yoga each morning. Jasmine Nooij's classes are a combination of yin (slow poses), kundalini (energizing breathwork) and mindfulness. 

While this regular yoga will bring you deeper into your body, creating inner calmth and joy, in the afternoons you'll be inspired philosophically in the sessions with philosopher Sabine Wassenberg. Diving into mysterious concepts of mind/body, the self, ego, and more, we'll experience bewonderment of life itself again and again. 

To top this off, we'll have extra sessions on the program, lovely music, yoga nidra and transformative breathwork.


Who are we?

Jasmine Nooij is an experienced mindfulness and yoga teacher, living on Ibiza. Her specialties are yin, kundalini and mindfulness. More info on Jasmine here


Sabine Wassenberg is a philosopher, guiding philosophical conversations and writing books, such as My ego and I (dutch). She gives EMDR therapy on request. More info on Sabine here.


Mickey Smid teaches yoga nidra at Yogaschool Noord (Amsterdam).

Tom van Huijstee is a transformational breath coach, based in Amsterdam and Ibiza.



Arrival: Tuesday, May 3 between 12:00 and 17:00.

  • Mornings: Yoga sessions and meditations guided by Jasmine

  • Brunch

  • Afternoon: Free time to explore Ibiza

  • Late afternoon: Philosophical conversations guided by Sabine

  • Late afternoon/evening: yoga nidra by Mickey Smid, sound baths or other music, breathsession by Tom van Huijstee

  • Evening: Healthy bio food for dinner

Departure: Monday, May 9 after brunch.



795 for a shared Bedoein tent (2 x 2 people)

895 for a shared bedroom (2 people)  

1195 private bedroom  

Accomodation in Samskara, Ibiza.



pick up/drop off airport 30 euro

massage (by Sabine) 50 euro

EMDR session (by Sabine) 50 euro


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3 - 9 mei Yoga, philosophy and a Quest for the Self